Club Bonus Books

Bonus Books consist of classic literature as well as current novels that are expected to be made into movies. Members and guest are free to express their opinions as they compare and contrast the novel to the screen adaptation.

For a list book to movie adaptations please refer to the following source


Tysheena said...

One day will be in US theaters
August 19, 2011

One for the Money will be in US theaters January 27, 2012

Anna Karenina is in developement and may possibly be in US theaters in 2012.

Tysheena said...

I finally watched the Hunger Games and I noticed several things they changed from what was written in the book. I am curious as to the reason why. I assume they have an idea of where they want the story to go or maybe they felt certain happenings were filler/drama for the book and not significant to include in the movie.

1. In the book the mocking Jay Pin was actually given to Katniss by district 12 mayor's daughter...where as in the movie Katniss seems to discover it in the Market.

More to follow...