Book Club Rules and Procedures

The purpose of this semi-online Book Club is to allow members convenience to discuss reading material with others at their own convenience by way of online post. However, the club has two annual Meet and Greets celebrations for members to socialize and network. The Spring Meet and Greet is in March and the Summer Meet and Greet is in September and will usually present a featured author to speak with the club.


Become a Cozy Slipper's Book Club Member:
To become a member simply select the Join Book Club tab above or email your name and alias to and the host will send you a private book club invite to Book Movement and Good Reads.
Club's Sites:
NOTE: (Following links listed are accessible in the right column of this site)
Since this is a semi online book club, it is important to establish a social and informative means for exchanging updates; which is why this club uses the following sites accordingly:
  • Club Home Website: (This is the site where book of the month forum questions will be posted along with other important club general details)
  • Private Club Bulletin Board: (This is the site where all in depth event info such as time and location of the club's planned gatherings will be posted. Members will be notified when events are posted.)
  • Socializing Network: (This is the site where all members can see, contact one another and connect with other people around the world that love to read as well. Causal questions will be posted in the Group Discussion Topics. An email alert will notify everyone when such casual  questions are posted.
Participating in Discussions:
For discussions questions please refer to the tab labled  HOME 
or go directly to to post your comments and or questions.
For members who do not have a blog account please choose anonymous and sign your post with an alias. Members will have until the last day of the month to post their comments for the current book of the month.

Book Club Genres:
This book club reads varied sorts of Fictional Literature, which will be in rotation on a month to month basis. For example…If February’s genre is Romance then March’s genre will be Women's Fiction and so on and so forth.
Book Selection:
Club members will know ahead of time the three books that are to be read over the course of three months.
Every other month members are to recommend two books they feel should be Book of the Month. Recommendations must be posted in the Group Discussion Topics on every other month. An email alert will be sent out to everyone as notification. Recomendations will then be added to the poll in the order they are posted by members in the Group Discussion Topics. Another email alert will be mailed to remind members of the recommendations deadline and when the poll is set up for voting.

Voting Process:
Begining on the day members receive an e-mail alert, all members will have (4) days to vote on which (3) books they think should be read for the upcoming three months. The three books that receive the most votes will be titled the Books of the Month for the next three months. Depending on the month and the sub-genre assigned to that month, those books that received the most votes will be delegated to the corresponding month based on genre. If there is a tie, then the book club host will assign a member the task of choosing one of the two books in conflict.

Question Sources:
Discussion questions will be taken from guides and posted around noon on within the first week of the month. Members are expected to participate in discussions via post in the Cozy Slipper's Book Club Forum.
or select the HOME tab above to be redirected.

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